Expense management

Replace the hassle of carrying wallets filled with receipts with a streamlined system that scans and automatically calculates expenses. Simplify the entire process, from making a purchase to efficiently managing accounts.

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Scan Receipts Easily with Your Phone

Say goodbye to managing a stack of receipts or fretting about misplaced ones at the end of the month. Just effortlessly capture and save receipts with the mobile app.

The automated Expense feature scans the receipt, extracting key details like amount, date, VAT and purchase location. It also scans for duplicates, reducing the likelihood of errors.


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Efficient Expense Management Process

Expense streamlines expense management for managers, coworkers, and administrators, requiring just a few clicks to gather and organize receipts.

Expense facilitates the swift generation of payment files for employees handling company-related costs, commonly referred to as personal expenses. This ensures timely reimbursement for their expenditures.

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Prevent unnecessary misstakes

Eliminate monthly time wasted on Excel files and error corrections. Expense automatically computes accurate VAT, distinguishes deductible and non-deductible items, and ensures precision in accounting.

The finance department can digitally approve and seamlessly export data to existing business and payroll systems.

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Seamless: From Purchase to Accounting

Add the receipt

Add the receipt

Capture an image of a paper receipt or upload a digital receipt.


The receipt is scanned

The application autonomously scans the receipt, extracting details such as the amount, date, city, purchase location, and VAT.


Approval and export

Organise your receipts by category and submit them. Customise approval rules and export files as required.


Don’t just take our word for it…

"Expense has made receipt management much easier for us. We save time throughout the chain, easier for the person who made the purchase and significantly faster for us in terms of finances."
Birgitta Berglund
Scandinavian Track Group AB
"Previously, it was difficult to report receipts and travel expenses, and we received lots of questions that took time to answer. Now that the new solution is up and running for everyone, there have been surprisingly few questions from both employees and managers."
Logo_Sveriges Kommuner och Regioner
Britt Kraft
Sveriges Kommuner och Regioner
"My boss is ecstatic. You have really made a manoeuvrable programme, because there have been few questions from my side."
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