Mileage allowance

Ditch external reporting systems and manual mileage logs. With Expense, effortlessly log your travel, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand.

Simplified Mileage Management

Bid farewell to the hassle of managing business travel. Simply input your destination, distance, and comments, and let Expense handle the administrative tasks for you.

Record your trips daily or monthly directly within the app, gaining better control over your organization's journeys with Expense.

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Secure Management

Ease your concerns about legal changes and accounting standards. Expense updates automatically, ensuring accurate mileage tracking.

The salary types in your payroll system are seamlessly connected to Expense, guaranteeing accurate and secure payments for you.

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Tailor Taxable Components

Expense aids in monitoring your entitled tax-free mileage allowance.  

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Manage mileage allowances

Add trip

Add trip

Indicate where the journey started and ended.

Enter expenses

Enter expenses

Easily enter expenses (taxi fares, hotels, entertainment)

Save & Send

Save & Send

The amount of compensation is calculated based on the applicable rules. Save and submit for payment and accounting.


Don’t just take our word for it…

"The administration of Eurocard bills has been greatly facilitated and eliminates duplication of work. After all, the person who made the purchase knows best himself, so he might as well do the coding with the help of this user-friendly tool."
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Michael Holm
Otto Magnusson
"Expense works great! The system is easy to understand and the app and registration of purchases flow well. Coding of representation is very useful as everything is calculated automatically and demanding fields for the users can be set up. As a result, errors that previously occurred are now eliminated."
Sandra Melkersson
"We use Expense for our Handelsbanken Business Cards and save a lot of time with administration. Since we started using connection to MCC codes, it is now even smoother. We are very pleased!"
Helen Karlström
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