Expenses made easy

Invoiced quarterly Save 10% Invoiced annually
Card Connection
/ month per user
/ month per user
All transactions made with corporate cards gathered in one place.
The intelligent receipt solution captures industry codes, VAT, and various other details.
Compatible with all financial and payroll systems, ensuring seamless integration.
Travel Allowance
/ month per user
/ month per user
Generate your expense claim in mere minutes.
Include receipts and mileage in the expense report while traveling.
Expense ensures adherence to and adaptation of all standards.
Expenses & Mileage allowance
/ month per user
/ month per user
Effortlessly include mileage associated with your journeys.
Payment files are instantly generated for expedited reimbursement of expenses.
The receipt undergoes duplicate checks, minimising the potential for errors.
The minimum amount is SEK 300 per month, and licenses can be combined according to individual needs and preferences.

Customer Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers and general information quickly.

Does Expense offer volume discounts?

Recognising the uniqueness of each business, we endeavour to offer prices that are customised to your specific requirements. To accomplish this, we craft personalised proposals featuring discount structures aligned with your usage patterns. Our aim is to deliver pricing that is not only competitive but also delivers outstanding value for your investment.

Can licenses be combined?

You aren't required to commit to a fixed license. Our SaaS platform offers flexibility with subscription-based pricing. You can begin with all licenses from the outset or add them as needed.

Is it difficult to get started with Expense?

Starting with a new tool can sometimes feel overwhelming. However, starting with Expense is straightforward. We're here to support you every step of the way. Join one of our webinars or opt for personalised training. Alternatively, you can learn at your own pace by exploring the articles in our Help Center.

How can I link our company cards to Expense?

When you import your initial invoice file, the cards are automatically registered in Expense. To receive a document file from the card provider, a signed consent is necessary. Reach out to us, and we'll assist you with this process.

Which payment cards can be linked to Expense?

Expense can seamlessly connect with all Visa and MasterCard corporate cards. We collaborate with all major banks to ensure compatibility.

Do you need further assistance?

Our team of experts is prepared to assist you.

We've aided numerous businesses in transitioning from cluttered wallets filled with receipts to streamlining the entire expense process – from purchase to accounting.