Fed up with handling receipts manually?

Cut down on time and hassle with Expense – the system for managing digital receipts and expenses.

We collaborate with all card providers and financial systems.

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Swap overflowing wallets with receipts. No need to spend time every month searching for all expenses, dealing with Excel files, and risking mistakes.

Simplify the entire expense process, from purchase to accounting.

Simplify accounting 

We assist over 40,000 users in dedicating less time to expenses and focusing more on what matters, all thanks to our seamless digital receipt management and travel expense system.

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Complete expense overview with less manual work


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"With Expense – Travel Expense Management, the risk of making mistakes is minimal and the approval function is safer. We make an incredible saving of time on administration."
Svetlana Asp
"We at Expandia are very pleased with Expense! It's easy, time-saving, and everything works so smoothly."
Lana Rasool
Expandia Moduler
"Expense is a very good system that facilitates the reporting of costs associated with travel and entertainment. Transferring an SIE file to the bookkeeping saves a lot of time."
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Jenny Ekenberg
Fraunhofer Chalmers

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