Data exchange via SFTP server

Written by Support Team

To automatically synchronize data with your Expense Administration, you can use your own Expense Exchange account. With the help of this, files can be exchanged periodically between Expense and your existing system (e.g. approved expenses, personnel, cost centers and exchange rate data).[Review after Development ends]


How do I create an SFTP account?

For Windows users:

Step 1 of 5. Click and download putty gen from this direct link:
you can also download Putty Gen from click on ‘You can download PuTTY here”. Scroll a bit down and under Alternative binary files you will find the following:

Step 2 of 5. Open the Puttygen and press Generate. Move the cursor until the bar if full.

Step 3 of 5. Press Save public key. Name the file for example: FTP public key. Then Press save Private key name the file for example: FTP private key

Note: Do not generate a new key in between!

For Apple/Linux users:

  1. Open the terminal.
  2. Enter the following command: ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C “[your email address]“.
  3. Select a folder in which you want to save the keys.
  4. Leave the passphrase blank by clicking “Enter” twice.
  5. Add the public key ( in Expense.



Now we move to

Step 4 of 5. Go to Administrate – Settings – Data Automation and you will see the following page:

Take a note of the FTP account and Hostname. We will be needing both in a bit. Then upload the public key by clicking on Choose file and selecting the public key file you just saved.

Step 5 of 5 [Optional – To test settings].

Next we need a program to connect to the FTP server. We advise to use Filezilla. This can be found here:

Once downloaded and installed, open FileZilla. Press the icon under ‘File’:

Click on New site:

The setup should look like this:

Protocol: Select SFTP

Host: (this information can be found in Expense under to Administrate – Settings – Data Automation)

Port: 22

Logon Type: Key file

User: This information can be found in Expense under Administrate – Settings – Data Automation

Key file: Upload private key that you have saved earlier.

You can now connect.


Classification of files

An SFTP account has the following folder layouts that you can use;

   \-- /reports

The periodic export files with the file names “Expenses_ [Ymd] .csv” are automatically placed in the / out / * folder, where [Ymd] stands for the year, the month and the day of the export (e.g. “Expenses_20170502”). If evidence loads in the form of PDF reports were also exported during the export, then these are in the / out / Reports folder, provided with the file name ‘[ID] .pdf’, in which [ID] for the specific report number in Expense stands.


Frequency migration of files

Files that have been placed in the / * folder are automatically processed. You can track the status of all exports in your Expense Administration under “Manage”> “Account”> “Data Exchange”.